Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas

Mid-Century Modern design is seeing a huge surge of popularity. Houses from this era or featuring design inspiration from this era seldom stay on the market for long, and the nostalgic style can appear in every room of the house.

Whether you own a mid-century modern home or just want to emulate that style, we have some decor ideas that can get you started on a budget. Here are some of our top picks for mid-century modern kitchen decor.  Read more Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas

Manage Space in a Small Kitchen with These 7 Tips

Small kitchens can be charming and cozy; they can also be prone to clutter and frustration. Whether it’s a matter of square footage or of cabinet and counter space (which is my issue), there are ways you can reclaim your kitchen and banish overcrowding for good. Here are some tips to help get you started. Read more Manage Space in a Small Kitchen with These 7 Tips

Grab a Cuppa: Best Teapots and Kettles 2018

Choosing a tea pot is a very personal choice; after all, so often it’s the aesthetics that appeal to us. But there are still some great teapots that are worthy of consideration if you are looking  for something functional, highly-rated, and within your budget to buy online. We reviewed a few of the best selling teapots (both with and without infusers) and electric kettles for you tea lovers. Read more Grab a Cuppa: Best Teapots and Kettles 2018

Simple & Charming: Farmhouse Style for the Kitchen

I think a lot of us can probably trace our obsession with farmhouse kitchen decor to Fixer Upper. I remember the first time I watched Joanna Gaines adding her magic touch to some lucky new homeowner’s kitchen, and I said out loud, “What even is that sink?” One day I WILL have a farmhouse sink (which are also known adorably as apron sinks). Sigh. In the meantime, here are some fun farmhouse decor ideas to satisfy our love for this rustic and charming style.  Read more Simple & Charming: Farmhouse Style for the Kitchen

Best Cheese Boards: Style Meets Function

Cheese boards make fantastic gifts, making them popular for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. But they are also great to have in your own house for dinner parties or informal get togethers. They look fancy, but they are very functional. With a variety of styles and material options, you can find the perfect cheese board for your home or to give as a gift they’ll use for years to come. Read more Best Cheese Boards: Style Meets Function

Adorable Heart-Shaped Kitchenware

If you’re looking to add a little love to your kitchen, there’s a huge collection of heart-shaped things, from a cast iron casserole cocotte to waffle irons to spatulas. Since we’re coming up on that day of the year when we go all out with hearts and the color red (aka Valentine’s Day), we’ve put together this guide to some of the best heart-shaped additions for your kitchens. Read more Adorable Heart-Shaped Kitchenware

Best Dinnerware Sets 2018

Picking out dishes can sometimes be daunting – there are just so many choices in color, shape, size, material, and so forth. If you’re looking to add some fancier pieces to your cupboards, a set might not be your best bet (you should consider picking up individual pieces). But if you want to have matching dishes that include plates, bowls, sometimes more, a dinnerware set is the way to go.

Plain white is probably the most popular option for everyday ware. It’s usually inexpensive but looks classy. However, there are plenty of colored or patterned sets that look great and perform just as well, too.

We took a look at some of the best and least expensive sets out there to help you narrow down your options. Our criteria included cost, durability, size options, and customer reviews. Here’s what we came up with.
Read more Best Dinnerware Sets 2018