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I come from a Norwegian family, so I’ve always had witches in the kitchen. According to Scandinavian lore, these crones bring cooks good luck and help keep pots from boiling over and roasts from burning.

My grandmother is an amazing cook, and she had some of the ugliest witches and trolls ever scattered around her home. Early on I fell in love with those funny creatures and with all the food. Now those trolls and crones live in my house and I conjure my Norwegian heritage to inspire me in the kitchen!

As I’ve grown as a home cook, I realized how the tools we use in the kitchen (and not just the witches!) affect the way we cook. I’ve become fascinated with cookware, gadgets, and small appliances.

There are already so many wonderful recipe websites across the internet. I’m not a recipe developer — I’m just a home cook who loves food and is obsessed with learning everything I can about kitchen gadgets and cookware. So my love grew into this website, The Kitchen Witches – a nod to my Bestemor and the witches in my kitchen.

At TheKitchenWitches.Com, we do all the research and testing so you can find whatever you need to create your perfect meal in your dream kitchen. Our goal is to bring you the best in kitchen gadgets, appliances, cookware, and design.

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