Heart shaped cookware Le Creuset

Adorable Heart-Shaped Kitchenware

If you’re looking to add a little love to your kitchen, there’s a huge collection of heart-shaped things, from a cast iron casserole cocotte to waffle irons to spatulas. Since we’re coming up on that day of the year when we go all out with hearts and the color red (aka Valentine’s Day), we’ve put together this guide to some of the best heart-shaped additions for your kitchens.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Heart Casserole

This little casserole cocotte is actually what inspired me to write this! During my research for the best Dutch oven article, I stumbled across it and fell in love with the color and shape. Le Creuset makes excellent cast iron products, so it’s no surprise that this is so well reviewed. It’s a little spendy at just under $200 (as is the case with all LC products), but it will last years to come, and can be used more than once a year. (There’s a lovely rose-colored one available, too!)


Staub 2-Piece Ceramic Heart Shaped Ramekin Set

Make an adorable side dish or dessert for two with these elegant ceramic ramekins from Straub. Or, if you want a set of 6 in plain white, you can get those too.




DCI Made with Love Bamboo Spoon 

This bamboo spoon is functional in addition to being cute. It makes a great gift for your loved ones or for newlyweds. (Also available in a pack of two!)



Chef’s Choice WafflePro Traditional Five-of-Hearts Waffle Maker

Whip up a sweet breakfast with this heart-shaped waffle maker! In addition to being cute, it’s also quick-heating and easy to clean. (Want pancakes or eggs instead? There’s a gadget for that!)

Wilton Petite Silicone Heart Pan

This silicone heart pan is super versatile. Whether you want to make candy for your sweetheart, create heart-shaped crayons for your kiddos, or whip up some fun brownie bites, this pan can do it all.

Classic Coffee & Tea Inside Out Heart Cups & Saucers, Set of 6

Whimsy meets class with this lovely little cup and saucer set. Available in pink or assorted colors, these would make a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.

Fox Run Heart Cake Pan

And, finally, here’s a perfect cake pan to make yourself a heart-shaped cake. Serve on these plates (below) and you just won Valentine’s Day.

Melamine Love Heart Plate Set

Just add cake!




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