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Check Out Amazon’s Whimsical New Dinnerware, Dorotea

Amazon’s exclusive new line of ceramic dinnerware is a great option if you’re looking for something different in the kitchen. The Dorotea collection comes from Seattle-based artist Carolina Silva. Each piece is handmade, so all of them are unique and full of character. Learn more about Dorotea here. I’m a little obsessed with this line, so I wanted to share it with you! And, Amazon has partnered with Dorotea, making it easy to bring these lovely pieces to your home.

These are not cheap dishes. They are handmade-inspired and hand painted, with a uniqueness in glaze and design that makes them special. If you’re looking for some investment pieces for you kitchen, these are worth your consideration.

Here’s a peek at what’s available. 


Mugs, Set of Four

These mugs make your morning coffee or tea instantly brighter. This is a set of four handmade mugs. Each holds 16 ounces and measures 3.75 inches high.


Dinner Plates, Set of Four

Salad Plate, Set of Four

These pretty plates make a big statement at the dining table. The dinner plates measure 10.75 inches and come in the white/grey motif. The salad plates are hand painted and measure 8 inches in diameter. Use them together or separately.


Large Bowl, Set of Four

Small Bowl, Set of Four

The Dorotea bowls are whimsical and fun, with the large soup/cereal bowl measuring 7.25 inches and the small fruit bowl 5.25 inches. Both are hand-painted and come in sets of four.

Serving Dishes

Oval Serving Platter, 16.5 Inch

Serving Bowl, 10.5 Inch

Whether you want an everyday elegance or to serve guests in style, Dorotea makes it easy with either the platter or the serving bowl (or both!). These are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze.


It doesn’t save you anything to buy as a set, but to make ordering easier you can select the serving set or the dinnerware set (service for 4).

Shop the whole Dorotea line now!


Find even more whimsical and novelty dinnerware here!

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