Best Deep Fryers for Your Kitchen

If you’re shopping for a deep fryer, you probably have an idea of what you want it to make. There are a number of deep fryers on the market, and the various options mean you can find smaller fryers to make side dishes like french fries, or larger fryers to create batches of fried chicken and more.

The best deep fryers are surprisingly affordable and easy to use. We reviewed the top fryers on the market to bring you this list of the best, factoring in size, ability, and price, as well as consumer reports and customer reviews.


The T-fal Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer is one of the best deep fryers you can buy, but its price is a little on the high end. At just under $100, this is still our pick for best deep fryer overall. 

The EZ Clean Fryer is well-regarded because of the oil filtration system that helps keep your oil long-lasting and clean. It is stored in a separate compartment after automatic filtration.

This particular model has some additional appealing features that make it one of the top-selling deep fryers, including:

  • 3.5 liter tank & 2.65-pound food capacity
  • 1,700-watt heating element for fast temperature rebound
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Two-position basket for cooking and draining food
  • Adjustable thermostat

Possible negatives: Some users report that the actual frying space isn’t ideal for some foods, so if you intend to fry things that require a certain amount of depth or width, double check the specs. However, internal size notwithstanding, the entire unit is rather large and requires a bit of storage space (dimensions: 18.3 x 13.7 x 14.8″) and is 12 pounds empty. 

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Presto is a well-known and respected brand when it comes to deep fryers. Several of the models are top sellers and have primarily positive reviews. Here are a few different Presto deep fryers that we recommend considering:

  • FryDaddy: Super compact with room for 4 cups of oil
  • GranPappy: Slightly larger than the FryDaddy, this holds 6 cups of oil
  • CoolDaddy: A different design and featuring a basket, this holds 8 cups of oil

I have had the FryDaddy for several years and think it works great. It is rather small, however, so frying takes quite a while and several batches for a family of four. Its small size makes it better for storage and is an acceptable (and affordable) option for those who only fry occasionally.

The GranPappy is the next size up from the FryDaddy, and is a good option for larger items (like fried chicken and fish) or larger families. Keep in mind you’ll probably still have to fry in batches.

Neither of these have adjustable temperature settings, and both feature sturdy buckets with attached handles. The buckets get very hot when in use. Both fryers have plastic lids for storage, but that cannot be used while the fryer is hot. This means that oil can splash out sometimes and make a mess.

The CoolDaddy is a completely different style and it has everything the FryDaddy and GranPappy don’t: Removable basket, thermostat control, lid, and it holds 1.9 liters. It is larger, so you will need more storage space, but it’s also around the same price as the previous two fryers.

The CoolDaddy is a great option for some, but do keep in mind that the overall size is large (especially in comparison to the basket size inside) and many users have experienced oil leakage. Even with those issues, it’s a great device that can be yours for under $50.

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Hamilton Beach

With an 8-cup oil capacity, easy cleaning, and affordable price tag, the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer with Cool Touch is a great option for a home deep fryer.

Smart design features — like the ability to lower and lift food with the lid closed — make this deep fryer a favorite among many home cooks.

You will need a bit of space to store this (it measures 13.1 x 11.4 x 8.6″) and the rack is small compared to the overall size. This is for oil storage and to help with the “cool touch” feature.

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Frying for a crowd? The Secura deep fryer might be right up your alley. 

This 1700-watt fryer offers quite a few perks, including:

  • 3 fry baskets (2 small & 1 large)
  • Adjustable heat control
  • 4.2 liter oil tank capacity
  • Carbon activated filter
  • See thru lid

It’s a large size deep fryer, which does make it difficult to store. However, it works perfectly for families who need to make large batches, or for those who want to fry two things at once (such as fish ‘n chips). It takes a lot of oil for frying, so you’ll want to stock up before use.

The Secura has a 4.4 star average rating on Amazon with over 1200 reviews — it’s one of the highest-rated deep fryers you can buy online. It also features a timer, fast heating times, and a magnetic safety plug.

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