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Best Food Containers for Meal Prep & Leftovers

After years of mismatched containers that hog too much cabinet space and have obvious spaghetti stains, I finally threw them all out and got a new set. And I’m so glad I did. Today’s storage container sets fit together neatly (and easily) so you can open up space in your cupboards and match lids and containers quickly.

If you have lots of leftovers, or want to do meal prep or pack lunches, you need a good set of containers. Plastic and glass are the most common materials, but there are also stainless steel containers that cannot be microwaved but have benefits on their own.

We researched the top-rated and best-selling food containers you can buy online to bring you this list of the very best.

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Plastic Containers

Snapware 38 Piece Storage Set: Top Pick

This is the set that I upgraded to, and I really like it so far. The Snapware brand is a popular one that’s trusted and well-reviewed overall, so a lot of people have this set as well (I think it’s the same one they sell at Costco). It combines well in the cupboard and as far as I (and other reviewers) have experienced, it all seems to lock up tight and stay leakproof.

This particular set includes:

  • (4) 1.2 Cup Containers w/Lids,
  • (4) 3 Cup Containers w/Lids,
  • (2) 2 Cups Containers w/Lids,
  • (2) 5.4 Cup Containers w/Lids,
  • (2) 3.8 Cup Containers w/Lids,
  • (2) 5 Cup Containers w/Lids,
  • (2) 8.2 Cup Containers w/Lids and
  • (2) Divided Trays.

It’s all dishwasher and microwave safe.

Some people experience issues with the lids breaking or warping, but that’s going to be a possibility with any plastic – particularly lids because the slightest change in shape can affect the seal. Even so, if plastic is the material you want for your storage containers, this is a great option. There are smaller sets available if you don’t need 38 pieces.

Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Container 3 Pack

If you only need a few containers and you don’t mind spending a bit more, Rubbermaid’s Premier line is a great option. These are heavy-duty storage containers that stand up to multiple uses and washings. Rubbermaid lids work on various bases, so it’s a good brand to choose if you want to have different size options with lids that fit on everything.

The Premier containers are made of Tritan plastic, which not only looks nice but also works to resist stains. It’s also shatterproof and dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. The lid is dome-shaped, which provides a bit more storage room and prevents spills if the container is tipped.

This particular container is 5 cup capacity (ideal for leftovers), but there are also 3 cup, 9 cup, and 14 cup sizes available. Want more pieces? There are plenty of options available.

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid 42-Piece: Budget Pick

This set is pretty great for a few reasons. It’s inexpensive, comes with a ton of pieces that fit together well, and the containers are very durable. As I said above, Rubbermaid is good about making lids that fit on multiple containers, so it’s easier to find what you need and less unwieldy to store everything. Those lids also snap to the bottom of containers, making storage even simpler.

Rubbermaid containers are BPA free and made in the USA. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, and they’ll hold up in the freezer. As with any of the plastic containers, they can stain or warp over time. But the Easy Find line does a good job of lasting.

Want fewer pieces? 24 and 30 piece options also available.

Glass Containers

Prep Naturals 26 Piece Glass Storage with Lids: Top Pick

Even though this set is just under $50, it’s still an excellent deal if you compare prices with bigger names. In many glass sets, you’ll pay around this price for far fewer pieces. The Prep Naturals set includes 3 shapes and 13 sizes, with snap lids for each.

The containers themselves are safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer, but the manufacturer states that the lids should be removed before going into the microwave, oven, or freezer (not sure why you’d freeze things without a lid, but okay). Even so, this is still our top pick because of the size, price, and versatility.

Some of the negative reviews concern issues with the lids and with the glass cracking after bumping into things. This is a common problem with many glass containers, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive on this brand. The manufacturer also offers a satisfaction guarantee, so it’s definitely worth considering this set if you’re in the market for glass containers.

Snapware Glass 10 Piece Total Solution

Snapware is a trusted brand in food storage, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re on here twice. This is a small set of glass containers, but the size works well for leftovers and lunches. Snapware offers a lifetime warranty and their products are made in the USA, so it’s a good option for glass food storage.

These containers resist leaks and hold up well over time. Some users run into issues with the lids, of course, but the reviews of the Total Solution glass containers are mostly positive. Grab a larger set if you need more here.

Pyrex 18 Piece Simply Store Food Storage Set

Pyrex is a beloved brand of glass containers, and this 18 piece set includes various sizes that will fit all your food prep or leftover storage needs. The glass is safe for the oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. The lids are dishwasher safe (top rack).

The Pyrex glass containers are made in the USA and come with a two-year warranty. In addition to the 18-piece set, there are also 8, 12, 14, and 22 piece options available. There are plenty of complaints about the lids, which are a bit flimsy and can crack over time, so that’s something to keep in mind if you are considering Pyrex containers.

Compartment/Bento Containers

Prep Naturals 3-Pack Glass 3 Compartment Containers

Compartment containers and bento boxes make it easy to pack snacks and lunches into separate portions. This Prep Natural set has 3 compartments and a place in the lid for cutlery (it comes with reusable cutlery sets that fit). The glass base is safe for all the usual places (dishwasher, oven, microwave, freezer), but the lids are not. You’ll want to handwash the lids and keep them out of the heat or freezer for best results.

The included utensils are a bit on the small side so they may be impractical for a lot of people. Another option from Prep Naturals has two compartments and comes in a set of five.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Tall Lunch Container Kit

Rubbermaid’s LunchBlox line has several different options that make packing lunches super easy. These kits have completely separate containers, so you definitely won’t have any leaking from one compartment to the other. These are great for salads, snacks, and meals that have condiments or accouterments.

There are kits that accommodate sandwiches as well as those that will lay flat in your lunch box. All the containers snap together easily and there are different options for sticking them together or storing them in the cabinet. Check out the salad and entrée kits here.

Freshware 15 Pack Meal Prep Containers

I’ve been puzzling over the sheer number of meal prep containers that come in large packs and are disposable. I don’t love that there are so many throw-away options that encourage that kind of waste, even though a lot of them are marketed as being reusable. So I don’t want to suggest any that are only going to hold up to one or two uses. But this pack of 15 from Freshware seems to be actually reusable, with plenty of reviewers saying they use them multiple times. Freshware also offers a lifetime warranty and will replace or refund you if containers break. The larger dimensions compared to some of the other compartment containers or bento boxes makes this appealing for larger meals. The lids and the containers are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. There are some reports of the lids being difficult to open, and they may be too shallow for some buyers. The dimensions are 9.7 x 7.5 x 1.5”.  These are the bestsellers on Amazon and come in at under $14, with free shipping on Amazon Prime.

Stainless Steel Containers

GreenLunch Bento Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Lunch Box

Stainless is an alternative to glass and plastic containers, and is one that more and more people are choosing. While it cannot be used in the microwave, it’s still a great option for cold foods and is super durable. GreenLunch’s bento box has three different containers in one, so you can pack something like a salad and keep your dressing and toppings separate from the lettuce.

GreenLunch offers a lifetime warranty, so it’s a pretty good deal. There are some reports of rusting or the locking mechanism not working, but you should be able to replace the box if this happens because of the warranty. If you’re looking for a good stainless food container, this is a good option to consider.

MIRA Stainless Steel Food Storage Container

It can be tough to find good stainless storage containers because so many of them are not durable, rust easily, or they don’t work well. However, the MIRA brand has some good stainless options for containers and lunch boxes. This is just one container, but it’s worth the cost because it’s well made.

Also check out the MIRA set of three round containers here.

What is your go-to food container brand? Do people still have Tupperware parties? Give me some answers in the comments below!

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