Best Keurig 2021: Which One is for You?

There are many brands of single-serve coffee brewers on the market, but the Keurig holds the distinction of being the bestselling brand and the best known. There are Keurigs in offices and homes across the country, and the popularity of these devices doesn’t seem to be waning. Is it worth buying? Well, here’s my take.

I don’t know that I ever would’ve bought one myself, but I received my Keurig as a gift. I’ve had it for 6 or 7 years now, and it keeps trucking along with no signs of slowing down. We brew around 4 cups of coffee a day between my husband and I, and it gets used every single day without fail. I would gladly recommend the Keurig to anyone (except for my sister in law because she drinks a full pot of coffee a day) and I will absolutely get a new one when mine finally dies.

If you’ve decided to join the Keurig revolution (or just upgrade your old one), you’ll see that there are several models of Keurigs available, with different size and function options. We reviewed all the current models to help you determine which Keurig will work best for you.

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The Best Seller: Keurig K55

red keurig k55 on a counter surrounded by k-cups and kitchen things

The no frills, relatively budget friendly, easy to use K55 is the bestselling single-serve brewer. It brews three different sizes: 6, 8, or 10 ounces, and the reservoir holds up to 48 ounces. It’s simple to set up and use, and it features an auto turn off function (but not an auto on option). It comes in at under $100 (and is often on sale for even less).

The K55 will work with all single-serve coffee pods, and it comes with a reusable filter so you can use your own coffee to brew (and reduce the amount of k-cup waste). It’s easy to clean and descale the K55, and it works quickly to heat water and to brew coffee. Overall, the K55 is a solid single-serve coffee brewer that does everything most coffee drinkers need it to. Click to shop now.

The Newbie: Keurig K-Select

Keurig’s latest brewer is a slightly fancier version of the K55 for a few more dollars (okay, several more dollars). Here’s how it differs from the K55:

  • Four cup sizes: (6, 8, 10, AND 12 ounces)
  • Larger reservoir (52 ounces)
  • Option for “strong brew”
  • Sleeker design (and slightly smaller overall)

Essentially this is just a step up from the K55. It will appeal to some buyers because of the new features like the 12 oz cup size and strong brew options. It also might be a better fit on some counters – it’s not significantly smaller than the K55, but it is a bit more compact. Click to shop now.

The Step-Up: Keurig K250 Plus

The K250 is another brewer that’s a step up from the K55. It’s priced similar to the K-Select, but offers different features to appeal to a different crowd. The key features of the K250 include the ability to brew a carafe (buy the carafe separately) and specialty beverage/strong brew settings.

keurig k250 on white countertop next to coffee mugs and k-cups

The water reservoir holds 40 ounces (smaller than both the K55 and the K-Select) but this is key to its compact size. It has a black and white touchscreen that’s easy to use and the auto-off feature that will help save energy. Available in plenty of fun colors, the K250 is a great choice for many homes.

One notable drawback to this model: The K20 Plus is part of the 2.0 series. The most notable aspect of this series is the inability to use any pods that are not Keurig K-Cups. Third-party brands and older K-Cups will not work at all, so be aware of this should you select the K250 Plus. Click to shop now.

The Best: Keurig K475 (Our Favorite Keurig)

The next step up in Keurig brewers is the K475, which has a ton of useful add-ons that make it worth the additional cost. The first is a huge 70 ounce water reservoir. It brews a huge range of sizes – 4-12 ounces for single-serving, and three different carafe size options. Surprisingly, it’s about the same size as the K55, so the enhancements do not come at a cost of more counter space.

keurig k475

The K475 has a color LCD touchscreen, and the interface gives you more options for customization. With this Keurig, you can adjust the temperature, brew strength, save favorite brew settings, and more. It’s a deluxe single-server brewer that does it all, and is not that much more expensive than the lower models (and has great color options).

While this K475 is about $60 more than the K55, it’s only about $20 more than the K-Select and the K250. It has so many more useful features and doesn’t take up any extra space. We definitely recommend this one if it’s in your budget. Click to shop now.

The Premium: Keurig K575

The top of the line Keurig for home is the K575. It’s the most expensive, but it definitely has the most bells and whistles. The 80 ounce water reservoir is one of the first big differences, but, like the K475, this bigger reservoir does not mean a larger brewer. The size difference between the two is minute.

Since we noted that the K475 is our fave and basically does it all, let’s just look at the extras this device has (and what makes it $20-$30 more):

  • Hot water on demand
  • Nightlight
  • Larger color touchscreen
  • A few additional functions in the touchscreen and one extra brewing size

For some shoppers, those extras might be worth the cost, but we recommend checking out the K475 first as you’ll save yourself some money. Plus, it’s only available in one color, which is a bummer for those trying to find coordinating colors for their kitchen. Click to shop now.

The Mini: K-Mini K15

If you’re short on counter space, don’t drink much coffee, or just need a simple single-serve brewer for guests, a dorm room, or your workspace, the K15 might be for you. It lacks a reservoir, so you have to fill it up with the amount of water you want for a single brew. The most you can fill it is 10 ounces.

This is still priced pretty high for such a basic machine, so I wouldn’t really recommend it unless it’s precisely what you need. It does take up less space than the other machines and it is energy efficient, which are likely key selling points for some shoppers. Click to shop now.

What to Know Before You Buy

There are a few features that will vary between each model, and some of these might be more important to you than others. Before you buy, be sure the Keurig you choose fits your specific needs. Here are a few things you may want to look for:

  • Brewing cup size: If you like big cups of coffee or frequently fill travel mugs, a small brewing size will be disappointing. The K15 and K55 only go to 10 ounces, for example.
  • Reservoir size: The smaller the reservoir, the more frequently you’ll have to fill it. This isn’t always a big deal, but it can be bothersome if you are brewing a lot.
  • Programming & customization: The basic models don’t have options for programming (such as auto turn on) or for changing things like water temperature or brew strength.
  • Pod compatibility: The 2.0 models are designed to only work with new, K-Cup branded pods, limiting your ability to use third-party or older pods.

Keurig has received a lot of criticism for the amount of waste K-Cups and pods create. Now the company is working toward eco-friendly K-Cups, which should be here by 2020. For those who worry about their footprint but like the idea of the Keurig, there are some more sustainable options (like compostable pods), but keep in mind many of those won’t work with the 2.0 models. The other option is My K-Cup, the reusable filter that comes with your Keurig (with plenty of replacements available online). Those filters let you fill up with your favorite ground coffee and use it instead of a pod. It’s a more environmentally conscious act that also saves you a ton of money (spoiler: K-Cups are expensive!).

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