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Must-Have KitchenAid Mixer Attachments

The KitchenAid stand mixer is a wonderfully versatile device. Sure, it’s great for all your baking needs, but with additional attachments, there’s almost no limit to what you can create.

We reviewed every available attachment for the KitchenAid mixer. Below, you’ll find an overview of the item as well as what you might want it for. Not every attachment is necessary — or even useful! — for every cook and baker, but there’s something for almost everyone.

We’ve broken down this buying guide into a few different categories, but the first few attachments don’t fit neatly into anything we came up with. So, we’ve got a few multi- or single-purpose attachments followed by items for specific foods. Let’s dive in!

Ice Cream Maker

Perhaps one of the most popular add-ons for the KitchenAid Mixer is the ice cream maker. It’s a full setup with a freeze bowl and a dasher. To use it, you simply freeze the bowl for 15 hours or more, make your ice cream batter, and use the dasher attachment to churn the frozen treat. It makes 2 quarts of ice cream or frozen yogurt.

I had this attachment for a number of years though I used it infrequently. I did eventually have the leakage that many reviewers complain about. This sounds like it is to be expected but the bowl should last for a few years before experiencing this.

Right now it’s listed around $45 (original price $99), which may or may not be worth it for something that may not last. There are plenty of positive reviews and some saying they’ve had it for several years without leaking.

Recommended For: Anyone who makes (or wants to make) a lot of frozen treats.

Food Processor

There are actually two different attachments available labeled “food processor.” The one we have linked above is the one we recommend for most who are interested, though it’s more expensive than the other. The second, which you can see here, is more of a chopper attachment. It will shred, dice, or chop, and it is smaller.

The “commercial style,” pictured above, offers a more versatile experience. It isn’t quite the same as a countertop food processor and it has a smaller chute. Still, it’s a good option for cooks who want to save space and avoid a bulky traditional processor.

Overall we think this can be a great addition to your mixer, but there are quite a few customers who haven’t been happy with the performance or the small size of the chute. Like a lot of food processors, it can be tricky to get to work properly and it’s not great for big batches of foods.

Recommended For: Those without a standalone food processor and who don’t do *a lot* of food processing.

For Grains

Now we’ll get into attachments by category, beginning with items useful for grains.

Grain Mill Attachment

This attachment won’t appeal to the majority, but it’s a neat option if you’re interested in grinding your own grains for baked goods. It offers different settings, from coarse to fine, and is “compatible” with every KitchenAid mixer (but…)

Lots of reviewers say that it doesn’t work well with anything below the Pro series because the motor cannot support the mill. There are also some specific steps you’ll want to take (like letting it cool between passes) to ensure best results. And, to get really fine particles, most users have to grind 2-3 times.

This mill is only for low-moisture, low-oil grains and cannot be used for things like herbs or coffee beans.

Recommended For: Dedicated bakers who want to handle making everything from start to finish.

4-Cup Sifter & Scale Attachment

This helpful attachment offers hands-free sifting and a scale, with a chute that sends ingredients straight into the mixing bowl. The digital scale can also be used on the countertop.

It does run a little slow and it can be loud. Some users find that it takes too long and doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble. Still, it has primarily positive reviews and it’s often found under $100, making it one of the more affordable accessories for the mixer.

Recommended For: Bakers who want an all-in-one scale and sifter.

For Meats

Meat Grinder

There are two KitchenAid brand grinders on the market. The one linked above and the FGA Food Grinder. The FGA is smaller and less expensive, but it doesn’t have the versatility of the other. The FGA might work for some, but it doesn’t come equipped with a food tray or additional plates and tubes, so it’s very basic.

Our recommended model (above) includes fine, medium, and coarse grinding plates plus two sausage stuffer tubes. We encourage folks to read through the directions (and some of the reviews — people have some great tips!) for best results as this isn’t really a plug-and-go type of device. Proper use and care require a bit of time and effort.

Recommended For: Hunters, to grind game; meat lovers who want to create delicious varieties.

Pasta Makers

3-Piece Pasta Roller and Cutter

My motto is: “Pasta is life.” If that’s similar to whatever creed you live by, then I think we’ll probably bond over this glorious contraption. Fresh, handmade pasta is amazing, and with the mixer attachment, it’s actually something you’ll be able to do any night of the week.

This attachment includes three different components: the roller, a spaghetti cutter, and a fettuccine cutter. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully for best results (namely, make sure your dough is well floured so it doesn’t stick to the rollers. This kit includes a cleaning brush as well.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but there are some negative ones out there, mainly related to quality control. The most consistent complaint has to do with the difficulty in cleaning the attachment. Overall, we highly recommend this one, though.

Recommended For: Pasta enthusiasts!

Ravioli Maker

If stuffed pasta is your jam, check out the ravioli maker attachment for your KitchenAid. Though not as versatile as the pasta roller we talked about above, this is still a handy addition that makes it less time consuming to make some tasty ravioli. This attachment rolls and separates the pockets, plus fills them.

For those who decide to buy this attachment, we strongly recommend that you spend some time with the instructions, user reviews, and YouTube videos. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of this ravioli maker, so it’s unlikely that most folks will get the hang of it immediately. And, like the other pasta attachments, proper dough consistency is key.

Recommended For: Ravioli lovers.

Pasta Press

This pasta press lets you make a variety of noodles — six, to be exact. It features 6 Quick Change Discs for spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fusilli, and large or small macaroni, plus a built-in wire cutter, so you have a lot of different options for any meal. Like all other pasta attachments, there’s a bit of a learning curve, and using dough that’s either too wet or too dry will thwart your dinner plans.

By far, the biggest complaint buyers have is that it is very difficult to clean. This is, again, true of every pasta maker, but the design of the press means it’s even more complex. It requires a bit of patience when making pasta; it’s slow going and takes a while to make a full meal’s worth.

Recommended For: Those who want more options than a roller and cutter.

For Fruits & Veggies

Spiralizer Plus

A spiralizer is a niche device that’s really only useful for folks who like zoodles and other veggie noodles. Though this attachment will also peel, core, and slice things like apples and potatoes as well, it’s doubtful that many shoppers would invest in it just for apples. However, people who don’t eat a lot of carbs but like pasta find that veggie noodles are a must, and this attachment is perfect for those people.

It’s worth noting that a number of reviewers have had issues with harder veggies, like turnips, beets, and sweet potatoes, so it’s probably best to assume you can’t use it for those. While I said not many will buy it just for apples, there are a few reviewers who love it for making apple pies.

Recommended For: Low-carb dieters, pie makers, vegetarians.

Vegetable Sheet Cutter

Similar to the spiralizer, this attachment lets you make sheets of fruits and veggies that can be used for wraps, lasagna, and more. It offers two blades for different sizes. Overall this has much more positive reviews compared to many of the other attachment options, though it’s not quite a versatile as some of the others.

The critical reviews on Amazon and elsewhere are pretty inconsistent in subject matter, with varied issues in quality control or customer expectations. So we have no trouble recommending this one for those who think it would be useful!

Recommended For: Low-carb dieters, vegetarians, veggie lovers.




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