Black & Decker BL2010BG Blender

Black & Decker BL2010BG Blender Review

Black and Decker seems to be all over the internet with their array of products. Does their countertop blender live up to our expectations? Read on to find out.

The Black & Decker BL2010BG is a basic blender that draws 550 watts of power (half as much as higher end blenders). One of the biggest advantages this blender has over others is being dirt cheap.

Seriously, we dare you to find one cheaper than this. Then again, Black & Decker has made a name for itself by producing very cheap products but still hitting home on quality.

The Blender

This blender’s interface is actually pretty simple if you can look past the number of buttons. There are 10 speed settings along with a pulsing function. In our opinion, this gives the user quite a few options compared to higher end blenders. There are a handful of ways you can go slow or fast depending on your needs.

Instead of horizontal blades that run up the middle of the container, this blender uses a triangular-shaped device with four stainless steel blades. They grind and cut the contents in a similar manner to middle blades, but may take a little longer to blend larger objects due to the position of the blades.

The container actually holds 6 cups worth of content. It’s not the largest container on the market but definitely holds enough for one full beverage.

Another notable feature is that each removable piece of the blender (save for the electronics) is dishwasher safe. You’ll spend less time cleaning things by hand and more time blending!

My Take

I like Black & Decker as a company, and their inexpensive products have proven to be one of their strongest assets. The BL2010BG however, it has an average three-star rating by customers on Amazon for reasons you might expect.

Some people attribute the degradation of the plastic and glass container to why the blender is priced so low. However, these cases are not as common as you think. For the most part, customers are satisfied with the BL2010BG because they’re not looking for a higher end blender. Another notable complaint is the noise level. Then again, what blender isn’t?

I wouldn’t exactly call this blender a hit or miss. It’s a budget blender and it’s what you

make of it really. Treat it with care and avoid jam packing it with contents just to get the tastiest blend.


While not exactly the most popular or most powerful blender on the market, the BL2010BG holds its own as a budget and versatile machine.

The ten different speed settings in addition to the pulse ensure that there are different ways to blend the contents. Not very many higher end blenders have as many speed options as the BL2010BG (though their power sort of makes up for that).

All in all, the BL2010BG is nothing special, but it’s certainly not a horrible product either. If you’re a beginner looking to make a jump into the smoothie world, or are just looking for a cheap blender, the BL2010BG is going to be a great choice.

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