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The Best Chef Knives of 2021

A good chef’s knife is one of the most valuable tools a cook can have in the kitchen. If you’re shopping for one, and you haven’t had a “good” knife before, you’ll likely be amazed by how long you made it without. We reviewed some of the best knives out […]

Red Made In kitchen knife

Review: Made In Cookware 8-Inch Chef Knife

Direct-to-consumer brand Made In Cookware has made a name for itself by offering top-quality cookware that’s entirely American-made. For their latest venture, they hopped across the pond to France to design, source, and manufacture a fully-forged premium chef knife. Having a good knife is essential for any cook, and Made […]

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Best Sharpening Stones for Kitchen Knives

To keep your kitchen knives in top condition, sharpening them occasionally is necessary. Home cooks have a few options to keep their knives sharp: a honing steel (which doesn’t actually sharpen the blade, but rather realigns the edge), an electric sharpener, a manual sharpener, or, as you might’ve guessed by […]