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Best Food Vacuum Sealers of 2018

While the best known name on the market is Foodsaver, there are actually a few different types of vacuum sealers you can buy. We reviewed the best selling and top rated to bring you this list of the top options out there.

Vitamix 5300 Blender Hands-On Review

If you’re in the market for an excellent blender, it’s a sure bet that Vitamix has hit your radar at some point. It’s an expensive brand, but it’s well known as one of the very best. And, among the best of the best is their top selling Vitamix 5300.

Smart Kitchen Trends: What’s New in 2018

When we talk about kitchen trends, we’re usually referring to what sort of design styles are expected to hit it big, or perhaps which gadgets and small appliances are finding their way into homes across the country. Lately, though, there’s a whole new realm of trends that fall under one […]

Grab a Cuppa: Best Teapots and Kettles 2018

Choosing a tea pot is a very personal choice; after all, so often it’s the aesthetics that appeal to us. But there are still some great teapots that are worthy of consideration if you are looking  for something functional, highly-rated, and within your budget to buy online. We reviewed a […]

The Best Waffle Makers of 2018

There are two main types of waffle makers that you’ll see when you’re shopping. Belgian waffle makers produce thicker waffles, so the wells will be deeper to accommodate more batter. American waffles, on the other hand, are thinner and crispier, so the waffle maker will obviously have shallower pockets for […]

Best Cheese Boards: Style Meets Function

Cheese boards make fantastic gifts, making them popular for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. But they are also great to have in your own house for dinner parties or informal get togethers. They look fancy, but they are very functional. With a variety of styles and material options, you can find […]

Best Kitchen Utensil Sets 2018

If you’re looking to grab all the kitchen utensils you need in one swoop, a utensil set is the way to go. Utensil sets are particularly useful for those moving into their first apartment or home, and for cooks who want a solid upgrade and matching pieces.

Adorable Heart-Shaped Kitchenware

If you’re looking to add a little love to your kitchen, there’s a huge collection of heart-shaped things, from a cast iron casserole cocotte to waffle irons to spatulas. Since we’re coming up on that day of the year when we go all out with hearts and the color red […]