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Top Alternatives to Nonstick Cookware

Over the years, perceptions about nonstick cookware have changed. For many of today’s cooks, traditional nonstick coating has too many potential risks, so seeking out alternatives has become more popular. There are now more alternatives to nonstick cookware than ever, so cooks can find products that fit both their specific […]

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Cookware & Kitchen Trends to Expect in 2019 & Beyond

After spending time at the International Home and Housewares Show earlier this month, we have a better sense of what kitchenware and cookware trends we’ll be seeing more of for the rest of this year (and beyond!). Much of what we saw there aligns with what we’ve been expecting already […]

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Best New Kitchen Products from IHHS 2019

We’re still feeling the excitement from our time at the International Home and Housewares Show, where we saw a ton of new products that we want to talk about more. This article will cover some of our favorites from the show, including items available now and some that are set […]

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Our Recap of the International Home & Housewares Show

We just returned from the 2019 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago! This massive tradeshow spans four days at McCormick Place in Chicago, and features over 2,000 exhibitors highlighting new products, trends, and more. While the entire show focuses on more than just kitchenware, there is plenty to see […]

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Comparison: Skillets vs. Saute Pans

If you’re looking into adding a piece of cookware to your collection or even just debating which pan to use to cook something, the question of skillet/frying pan vs sauté pan is a common one. It’s understandable: these two pans are very similar in design, and many home cooks use […]

cast iron vs stainless steel

Cookware Throwdown: Cast Iron vs. Stainless Steel

Whether you’re pondering how to cook a delicious cut of meat or considering an investment in a good pan, the decision between cast iron and stainless steel can be a tough one. Both sides have vocal supporters and both types of cookware are useful and versatile. We put the cast […]

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Smart Kitchen Trends: What’s New in 2018

When we talk about kitchen trends, we’re usually referring to what sort of design styles are expected to hit it big, or perhaps which gadgets and small appliances are finding their way into homes across the country. Lately, though, there’s a whole new realm of trends that fall under one […]

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Manage Space in a Small Kitchen with These 7 Tips

Small kitchens can be charming and cozy; they can also be prone to clutter and frustration. Whether it’s a matter of square footage or of cabinet and counter space (which is my issue), there are ways you can reclaim your kitchen and banish overcrowding for good. Here are some tips […]