Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender Review

Hamilton Beach is a master in the “multi-function” appliance industry. Their Power Elite 58148A Blender has a wide selection of mixing options to satisfy your blending experience.

The Hamilton Beach (HB) 58148A blender has proven popular in all types of households from families to those living on their own. It’s moderately priced for anyone on a tight budget and gives you room to work with food and beverages.

Hamilton Beach

You might be familiar with H) by their popular selection of indoor grills and ovens. The term multi-function is most often attached to HB products. Despite their multi-function abilities, HB’s prices are still relatively low.

The Power Elite blender isn’t a high-end blender but still retains the HB ingenuity.

The Blender

What makes the Power Elite so popular? It has 12 different blending settings (two more than the Black & Decker BL2010BG ) which really testify to the multi-function title.

The 40z jar isn’t the biggest container in a world but it will definitely hold enough contents for one full beverage and portions of another.

What are the functions? It doesn’t have twelve different buttons for all twelve functions. Instead, you can press up two different buttons at a time to get different results. Those options include:

  • Mixing (milkshake)
  • Smoothie/Icy
  • Dice (for foods)
  • Grind/Crush ice

The last two functions also double as the pulse function which is also a different way to blend, dice, and mix the contents of the container.

Like the Black & Decker blender, the blades are at the bottom of the container. The HB employs a company patented feature called Wave-Form Technology which continuously pulls large contents down towards the blades.

For people whose blenders just don’t want to work after the bottom contents have been minced, you’ll really appreciate this HB blender.


There seems to be a mentality out there that blenders are just for blending your favorite smoothie. While that’s definitely within their capacity, blender blades are extremely tough and powerful. When given the right settings, you can mince and dice just about anything within reason. That’s why there are settings with this blender that are specifically for foodstuffs.

There is a handful of customers who criticized the blender’s structural integrity, as leaks appeared common. Furthermore, there was a cost for the warranty, so many were unsure of whether to reinvest in the blender. However, these cases were not very common compared to how many people raved about their experience.

My Take

One of the most common and seemingly tedious problems blender customers face is…wait for itpouring.

A wide mouth means the contents might spill out of multiple sides if you pour too quickly. I really enjoy the fact that this HB blender comes with a single spout on the cover. That’s sure to make the lives of those with clumsy hands (me) easier.

I encourage you to play around with the settings, sometimes they may work for different types of contents!

The bottom blade design is a design commonly seen among cheaper blenders. Personally, my preference is always for the horizontal blades in the middle of each container. However, this HB blender from most cheaper blenders is unique with its inclusion of wave-form tech. This way, you can be sure all contents will be blended evenly.

I’m not a perfectionist, so I don’t think it the end of the world if the HB doesn’t blend everything into microscopic proportions. What I love most is that its budget friendly and still gives you plenty of ways to mix your next meal or beverage.

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