KitchenAid KHB2351OB 3-Speed Hand Blender Review

The KitchenAid KHB23510B is one of the more unique blenders on our list, but don’t let the lack of a traditional blending design deter you. This system definitely has its perks.

As the name suggests, the KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender is an almost completely hand driven blender. While manual work might deter some, it will give you a chance to truly blend for yourself instead of relying on a single button to do the job for you.


The KHB23510B comes with four primary tools:

  • 8″ Electric blending arm
  • Whisker
  • 2.5 cup BPA-free chopper attachment w/lid
  • 3 cup BPA-free blending jar w/lid

The 8″ blending arm is going to be your do-it-all tool with this system. The fixed blade will require you to press the power button. The same goes for the whisker–moving your hand as well as rotating the actual tool will get a more even blend. 

Similarly, the arm plugs into the 2.5 cup chopper attachment and spins up ingredients as you hold down the button. The 3 cup blending jar is going to require the fixed blending blade to make proper use of. The jar can also store contents (probably better used for shakes and smoothies), if you need the extra space.

When this blending system refers to “3-speed,” it refers to the different speeds settings the electric arm can achieve with either of the three attachments.


If you’re considering this KitchenAid system, chances are you don’t need the full-size beverages and shakes that come with full-size blenders. Instead, you’re more interested in small snacks or add-ons to full course meals that use larger cookware. That’s not to say that you can’t make smoothies and shakes in that 3-cup jar, there’s just not going to be as much content compared to full-sized blenders.

You can utilize the 3-Speed system to make salsas or small amounts of chopped veggies or fruits. The chopper attachment is perfect for smaller, hard foods like grains, nuts, and even small pieces of meat. The whisker can mix up eggs and other liquids all the same either in a jar or average bowl.

I really enjoy the minimalist mindset that comes with the KHB23510B. Sure you’ll have to put in a bit more work when using it but half the fun is making the foods and beverages by hand instead of with a button.


Perhaps the biggest advantage that the KHB23510B has over full-sized blenders is that it can work with smaller amounts of food. You can take your time mixing and chopping things to create the blend that you really want. With the small number of tools at your disposal, it’s not exactly feasible to make large quantities of food or beverages in a short amount of time with this system.

Full-sized blenders are more known for making traditional smoothies and shakes, though they can definitely be used to process and blend denser foods like meats. With the KHB23510B, you can pretty much do anything a full-sized blender can do but you’ll end up with a lot less finished product.


Despite the disproportion in the content, this blending system is still pretty cheap, which is one of the biggest advantages it has over full-sized blenders. The KHB23510B enjoys a very high overall rating from a majority of buyers, with the most noticeable complaints being about the strength of blades when mixing and blending thicker substances.

If you don’t mind the handwork that comes with the KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender, then it can be surprisingly useful. While you won’t be able to get a full pitcher’s worth of content in smoothies or shakes,  the chopper attachment and the whisker really diversify what you can do with the KHB23510B.


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