Mauviel M’heritage 5-piece Copper Cookware Set Review

This M’heritage set by Mauviel will leave your kitchen stunning and your meals equally enticing.

At first glance, the 5-piece M’heritage set seems something out of a high-class restaurant. The Mauviel family takes provide in providing the highest quality cookware items to the top chefs of the world. Now, you can share some of that experience with this bronze and copper set that is sure to impress.

The Set

These bots and pans are in fact 90% copper and 10% stainless steel. They are attached to bronze handles with a beautiful gold color finish. The handles are drilled into the pots and pans by stainless steel rivets for enhanced durability over time. Here are the items that come in this set:

  • 1.9-qt. Copper Saucepan with Lid
  • 3.2-qt. Copper Saute Pan with Lid
  • 10.2-in. Copper Skillet

Despite its total price, the M’heritage set is not the most expensive cookware set in our buying guide. We greatly enjoyed the simplicity of the M’heritage set because you still get plenty options with a saucepan, saute pan, and skillet. You should consider this set if you’ve got a big budget or routinely cook just for yourself or a max of about three people.


Apart from being stylish and inviting, copper cookware has an excellent track record in cooking ability. For a 2.5mm set, the M’heritage items have proven to be reliable cookware with the proper care.

Retinning cookware can be a bit of a pain, so that’s why the thickness of M’heritage’s 2.5mm set eliminates the need for such a process. You can purchase copper polish or even use lemon juice and vinegar for the best protection against tarnish.

One thing to note about copper cookware is that it does require more attention than simple washings. Over time, the tin that coats the copper may wear down if not polished after every dozen uses.


As a metal, copper is sort of the middle ground between cast iron and aluminum. It doesn’t take as long to heat up and retains that heat even after the stove has been switched off. A copper cookware item or set will only need about half as much heat compared to other metal cookware.

On top of taking less time, its ability to retain heat raises eyebrows as well. Proper retention of heat means a thorough cooking of your food stead of the outer edges. For those frustrated by long wait times only to have the interiors of your food remain uncooked, a copper set can change all that in half the time.

Mauviel’s copper set, in particular, is popular because it’s durable under low heat and retains its shiny surface (with the right care).

Copper is safe for use on any type of stove (including induction) and can even go in the oven if you’re feeling the need to try out a new recipe. With induction stoves, you’ll need to purchase a separate interface disk to get the right heat transfer. Mauviel’s interface disk isn’t the most popular, but any interface disk will do.


If you’re thinking about the M’heritage 2.5mm set, then just remember that it’s going to be a bit of an investment beyond the initial purchase. Sure, the price will definitely deter some, but for a comfortable amount of cookware, the M’heritage is the right set to splurge on.

The only recurring problem that we could find with the M’heritage set is the maintenance, which may slip past you every now and then. Cleaning and polishing the pots and skillet are going to extend their life and keep that glossy finish.

Click here to purchase the Mauviel M’heritage 2.5mm 5-piece set.

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