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Modern Boho Kitchens: Chic & Eclectic Style

Like a lot of styles, “modern bohemian” is kind of a catch-all for a specific feel of a style. Boho tends to be a bit messy, incorporates a lot of plants and handmade decor, and often has pops of colors like turquoise and globally-inspired prints.

There are plenty of different ways you can bring boho chic style into your kitchen. We’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas here so you can find your inspiration.

Find Your Boho Style

As I mentioned above, boho style can mean a lot of different things when it comes to kitchen design. It might mean bright colors and lively prints, or it might have a minimalist foundation of whites and grays with wicker baskets and macrame.

To determine which variation is right for you, one of the first things to consider is how messy you can handle it being. This doesn’t mean dirty, of course, but it can be cluttered. Plenty of boho kitchens make use of textures and lots of plants, so it can feel messy-chic. If you are a bit of a neat freak, this probably isn’t the right version for you.

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For the sake of clarity, here are a few terms that can hopefully help you narrow down your boho style:

  • Artistic: This is a lively style, with emphasis on color, pattern, and texture
  • Minimalist: Think less mess, more clean white with subtle splashes
  • Eclectic: This really is whatever you want it to be, and might include other styles
  • Modern: Basically has a modern feel versus vintage and errs on minimalist
  • Industrial: A play on industrial style, typically with attention to fixtures and lighting
  • Rustic: Western, antlers, reclaimed wood — anything with the outdoorsy feel
  • Vintage: Tends to be filled with antique treasures

Of course, some of these overlap, and some I am calling one thing but you might call another. This also isn’t an exhaustive list, but it should give you an idea of the direction you’d like to head. You can also think about what these might look like combined — I’m redecorating right now, and I’m incorporating a bit of rustic through wood details, a bit of industrial by adding light fixtures, and a bit of modern with some mid-century modern art style artwork.

Don’t forget about how decor from other cultures can spruce up your boho design. Moroccan, traditional Mexican decor, and European Bohemia-inspired looks have all contributed to the birth and continuation of bohemian decor.

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Add Plants

The one thing that consistently appears in any boho-inspired space is plants, so this is the easiest way to get the feel of the style without changing up too much or spending a whole lot.

Add plants anywhere that feels right — hang them near the window, situate them on shelves, set up a line of succulents on the countertop. Hit up Etsy, thrift shops and antique stores, local shops, or even Instagram to find pots, macrame hangers, and even the plants themselves.

Don’t have much room? Succulents and air plants offer small and adorable greenery that are easy to add in any space.

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The planters you choose can go a long way in tying together your theme. Choose neutrals for a mellow vibe, or add pops of color if you’re primarily sticking to whites otherwise. Look for playful patterns to mix and match, or wrap pots in macrame or beads.

Add Color

Your use of color in boho style is an easy way to really make it your own. Some boho-inspired spaces use a ton of color, layering it and making use of different prints and designs. For the minimalist, a few pops of color can artfully draw the eye to your favorite elements. Or, stick to simple neutrals and let the green of your plants be the most colorful aspect.

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Add Style Elements

Whether you’re completely remodeling or just looking for ways to add some style on a budget, there are plenty of opportunities to add a dash of bohemian style through fixtures, accessories, and textiles. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hardware, Fixtures, & Lighting

You’ll often see antiqued gold or brass in boho decor, but that doesn’t mean other metals are off limits. Whatever you like, consider how you can bring it into your design by replacing hardware and fixtures. The kitchen below mixes metals with great results.

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Lighting is a fun way to add visual interest, whether by smaller lights above the sink or with sconces, or by replacing or adding chandeliers. Boho lighting often borrows from global style (particularly Moroccan), but industrial, modern, and other styles of lighting work beautifully as well. This next kitchen isn’t necessarily bohemian, though it has elements of the design for sure, and the lighting is amazing.

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Accessories, Textiles, and Prints

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This is another area that’s easy to update on a budget or over time. Some traditional boho elements include:

  • Macrame
  • Global prints
  • Fairy lights
  • Faux fur

You can add any of these to the kitchen or dining room for a bit of flair. Macrame plant holders or wall hangings are readily available online, and you can find rugs, curtains, table cloths, and other textiles all over the place — check online or visit your local T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, or World Market for affordable options. Showcase your funky dishes with open shelving or by stacking strategically on the counter.

Look for opportunities to layer textures and prints, and above all, opt for warmth and coziness. Boho style is about lived-in looks and homey feels. Boho is also about personality, so only choose pieces that you really love.

Make it You

Boho is a very eclectic style that is perfect for showing off your vibrant personality. Because it’s so eclectic and personal, there’s really no wrong way to do it. Bring in the colors, textures, patterns, and designs you like and let yourself have fun with how you bring it all together. Some of the most beautiful boho-inspired kitchens play with form and function in surprising ways.

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Finally, here are a few more gorgeous kitchens to get your creative juices flowing. Happy boho-ing!



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