Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen Blender Review

If you believed that blenders can just be simple machines that grind up your smoothie, just wait until you see our review of the Ninja 4-in-1 blender. This machine will simplify your beverages and foods.

The “4-in-1” stands for the different containers that come with your purchase of the Ninja. It’s hard for us to classify the Ninja as a “blender” because its attachments allow it to accomplish much more than that.

Despite their size and construction differences, each container fits nicely onto the blender itself. While the Ninja 4-in-1 sits on the higher end blenders, the number of glowing reviews around the internet should be one indication of its popularity.


Shark Ninja

Shark Ninja is a very popular brand that produces kitchen and cleaning appliances. We’ll be focusing on the Ninja 4-in-1 blender in this review, but they have a ton of different blenders for all your mixing needs. Ninja takes great pride in making their products some of the smartest and most diverse in the industry.

Blender Cup-The most noticeable attachment for blenders. This one is actually not the primary attachment for the Ninja and but its shape allows for ease of pouring into other cups or containers.

Spiralizer-Normal sized spiralizers come in a variety of forms, but Ninja’s is more compact.

Crushing Pitcher-The Pitcher holds the highest capacity among the attachments at 72oz. Its blades thinly cut into the contents and can be boosted by Auto IQ.

Processor-Like the full-sized processors, this will turn your larger foods into smaller bite-sized pieces.



The 4-in-1 system, in particular, sports Auto IQ, a setting that alters the default settings for milk, smoothie, etc. This setting allows one to attain a near perfect blend no matter the contents.

In order to craft the perfect mixture or smoothie, it may take some practice with the settings.


Do You Need it?

There are plenty of cheaper products on the market that will satisfy your blending needs, but none as diverse as the Ninja. Apart from the different beverages and foods you can create with each container, you can utilize Auto IQ to acquire different blends. This technology is a little more useful than just turning the speed up or down

If you’re heavy into weight lifting and bulking, then the Ninja can be of great help mixing up shakes of different contents.

The Ninja will enable you to mix a variety of contents with little difficulty. It’s as simple as pouring things in, pressing the buttons of your choice, and voila!


My Take

I’ve always been a big fan of “all in one” products (is that the way you say it?). Sure, they might be on the pricier side, but it saves me the hassle of trying to search for smaller individual projects that fit my needs.

Full-size spiralizers, processors, and other applications will take up kitchen space.

Personally, I’ve only really used my blender for smoothies. However, if Ninja provides me with a spiralizer, processor, and crusher, I don’t see why I can’t learn new recipes. Plus, Auto IQ diversifies the menu even further.

Some people might disregard the Ninja because they’re just not as invested in shakes, smoothies, etc. However, it’s difficult to call the Ninja a “blender” because it combines the applications of other kitchen devices. More bang for your buck.

What I really like about this product is the processor. It means you’re not limited to making mixed beverages and can be a little diverse with your solid foods. I eat lots of full-sized fruit and ground beef, and I can see it simplifying my meals.

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