Ninja Professional Blender 1000 Review

Ninja makes some pretty high tech (and widely popular) appliances. Say hello the one of their most highly sought after products–the Pro Blender 1000.  

Why is Shark Ninja so popular? Apart from the futuristic designs of their appliances, Ninja blenders typically come with a handful of different blending options. Mixing the same ingredients at the same speed can be repetitive and boring. Ninja solves this problem by providing you with powerful cutting blades to mince even the strongest of foods and ice.

Let’s take a look at the Pro Blender 1000.



When we mean powerful, we really mean powerful. A thousand watts of power fuel the blender’s total crushing technology. This feature allows it the blades to cut and crush ice, fruits, and vegetables with no trouble.

As a bonus, you get some recipes on behalf of Ninja with your purchase of the Pro 1000.

All you have to do is place your ingredients in the 72oz container, press whatever settings you like, and the ninja will have your smoothie ready in a jiffy.

Because the ninja has some powerful blades (amplified by the speed settings), we would encourage you to try out all the settings to see what mixtures you can get. There’s not as many compared to more expensive/advanced Ninja products, but the Pro 1000 is better off simply blending your drinks and foods.


My Take

Ninja’s blenders have a wide range of prices. The Pro 1000 Image result for ninja pro 1000appears to sit in the middle ground compared to other Ninja blenders and appliances. For that reason, I’d say its affordable even for the budget concerned individual/family.

I can see the Pro 1000 as an excellent upgrade from your previous aging device or your very first blender. My roommate has one and for a while, he was making smoothies almost every couple of days for about a year. If that’s not a testament to its strength and durability over time, I’m not sure what is.

One of the most common gripes about the Pro 1000 is the container breaking after a couple uses or within the first year of purchase. Be aware that the more contents you put in the blender and the higher the speed-the greater the pressure on the container.

Though it comes with a three-year warranty, it’s about 20-40% of the original price of the blender, so some people have not found it worth investing further in.



The Pro 1000 lives up to its hype in our minds and those of its thousands of happy customers. You should consider the Pro 1000 if you’re looking to keep your smoothies and beverages simple and blended.

Another reason for the Pro 1000’s popularity is its simple control interface. There are lowmedium, and high settings along with pulse to diversify the mixture.

The breakdown in the coating and container does raise valid questions for concerned customers, but these events are not very common.

We mention fruits and ice more than a couple times, but this blender is up to the challenge if you’re looking to make sauces and dips from vegetables. The ability to cut tedious work down to mere seconds is well worth the price if you ask me.

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