OXA Smart 4-in-1 Hand Blender Set

OXA Smart 4-in-1 Hand Blender Set Review

OXA Smart’s 4-in-1 system further expands on your abilities with a hand-driven blending system. Is it worth investing in? Read on to find out.

Hand blenders are kind of overlooked when it comes to the blender industry as a whole. But while they don’t produce the same amount of content as a full-sized blender, products like OXA Smart’s 4-in-1 immersion system give you similar and diverse options when it comes to meal prep.


The OXA Smart 4-in-1 systems comes with the following items:

  • Electric blending arm
  • Whisker attachment
  • 500 mL food processor
  • 600 mL beaker

It’s pretty common for hand blender systems to have some arrangement of these four products. What makes the OXA Smart so popular? The speed settings are one thing, but the many happy customers are appreciative of the tools durability over time. The blender industry as a whole experiences problems with the strength of chopping and blending blades.

The OXA Smart, however, lasts longer by expanding the speed settings and easing the pressure on the electric arm.


Contrary to what you might think, there’s actually a lot you can do with hand-driven blenders. You’ll still be able to create the usual smoothie and shake and may even get a more even blend as it’s determined by your own hand movements.

As well as moving the whisker by hand, the tool itself will also spin according to which speed setting you have it on. For stirring up everything from eggs to sauces, this powered whisker will likewise give you a better blend.

The food processor works great for foods and beverages. The 500mL  processor attaches to the electric arm like the other two tools, giving you complete control over the chopping process there as well.


Six-different speed settings and a turbo function give the OXA Smart system an edge over other hand-blending systems. Different settings will yield different results and you’ll be able to see which settings work best for which foods and beverages.

All of the products in this 4-in-1 system  (except the electric arm) are dishwasher and BPA safe, making the cleaning process all the simpler.

This system has some pretty glowing reviews across the web, more so than any other hand blender system we’ve come across. One of the most notable compliments has been the blades on the fixed attachment and the food processor. Whereas other companies have problems with their blades strength or simply breaking off, OXA Smart’s are very sharp. Combine that with the range of speed settings on the electric arm and you’ll have an assortment of blending and mixing abilities.


Compared to the next most popular hand blender on our list, the KitchenAid KHB23510B, OXA Smart’s system has a couple of distinct advantages. The most notable is the number of speed settings on the electric arm. The KitchenAid system only has three compared to OXA Smart’s six. While they are nowhere near the volume of full-sized blenders, the upgrade is noticeable.

In the end, is OXA Smart’s system worth it? The price is unbeatable when compared to full-sized appliances and you’ll still be able to work with the same foods including sauces, fruits, veggies, and meats.

We believe that the OXA Smart system is a very worthwhile investment not just for the fun you’ll have preparing things by hand, but because you’ll have better control over the finished products.

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