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Star shaped cookies

Stock Your Kitchen with These Bakeware Essentials

If you are new to baking, just moved into your first place, or if you are replacing a mishmash of bakeware hand-me-downs, it might feel a little overwhelming trying to figure out what exactly you need. For most cooks, what bakeware to have on hand depends entirely on their usual […]

Muscles prepared in a wok

Choosing the Best Wok

The wok isn’t a must-have for all home cooks, but many who acquire one are surprised to learn just how versatile the pan is. It’s primarily used for stir fry, but the wok has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve, too. It makes a great pan for steaming, smoking, […]

Mac laptop on a wooden table

Smart Kitchen Trends: What’s New in 2018

When we talk about kitchen trends, we’re usually referring to what sort of design styles are expected to hit it big, or perhaps which gadgets and small appliances are finding their way into homes across the country. Lately, though, there’s a whole new realm of trends that fall under one […]

Pan on an electriv stovetop

Manage Space in a Small Kitchen with These 7 Tips

Small kitchens can be charming and cozy; they can also be prone to clutter and frustration. Whether it’s a matter of square footage or of cabinet and counter space (which is my issue), there are ways you can reclaim your kitchen and banish overcrowding for good. Here are some tips […]


Grab a Cuppa: Best Teapots and Kettles

Choosing a tea pot is a very personal choice; after all, so often it’s the aesthetics that appeal to us. But there are still some great teapots that are worthy of consideration if you are looking  for something functional, highly-rated, and within your budget to buy online. We reviewed a […]

Rustic kitchen interior

Simple & Charming: Farmhouse Style for the Kitchen

I think a lot of us can probably trace our obsession with farmhouse kitchen decor to Fixer Upper. I remember the first time I watched Joanna Gaines adding her magic touch to some lucky new homeowner’s kitchen, and I said out loud, “What even is that sink?” One day I […]

Blue cheese and figs

Best Cheese Boards: Style Meets Function

Cheese boards make fantastic gifts, making them popular for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. But they are also great to have in your own house for dinner parties or informal get togethers. They look fancy, but they are very functional. With a variety of styles and material options, you can find […]

Coffee makes you happy sign

Best Keurig 2021: Which One is for You?

There are many brands of single-serve coffee brewers on the market, but the Keurig holds the distinction of being the bestselling brand and the best known. There are Keurigs in offices and homes across the country, and the popularity of these devices doesn’t seem to be waning. Is it worth […]