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Amazon Prime Day 2019: What to Expect in Kitchen Sales

Prime Day is coming soon, and this year it’s actually 2 days (up from the 36 hours we saw last year) of steals and deals, running from July 15 through the 16th.

This is the fourth year for Prime Day, and if the previous years are any indication, getting the best deals will take a bit of knowledge and legwork. We’ve done some of that for you here — we’re keeping track of the best Prime Day kitchen deals as we find them, and we’ve got some tips for making the most of Prime Day altogether.

Note: If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can get a free, 30-day trial and take advantage of one of the biggest online shopping days around! Click here to learn more.

Prime Day Deals


Head straight to the Prime Day sales by clicking here.

Click here to see just the top kitchen sales (note: many are lightning deals, so check the time remaining!)

Our Fave Finds

Prices change quickly around Prime Day, so we’ll do our best to keep up!

Instant Pot

As of July 12, the Instant Pot DUO 6-Qt is 44% off.

Other Instant Pots on sale:

The DUO Plus is $69.99, that’s a savings of 46%!

See all the Instant Pots here.


There are plenty of other great multi-cookers from brands beyond the Instant Pot, so there are sure to be plenty of options over the next few days.

As of July 12, one of our favorites, the Cosori 8-Qt MultiCooker is just 71.99.

More Great Sales (Updating)

Amazon-branded home, kitchen, and pet products are up to 30% off.

Breville Smart Ovens and other small appliances are up to 36% off.

Save up to 30% on several stainless steel and nonstick cookware options from All-Clad.

Grab the Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee maker for $99.99.

The popular, compact Keurig K-Mini is being offered for under $50.

Vitamix blenders are nearly 40% off.

Grab a Yeti cooler for 30% off.

Our favorite air fryer by Cosori is $40 off and under $80.

Here’s a direct link to EVERYTHING on sale that’s kitchen related (prepare to be overwhelmed!)

Prime Day 2019: What to Expect

While we won’t know for sure what will be dominating the kitchenware department this year, we have a pretty good idea what some of the hottest items will be.

Instant Pot (& Multicookers in General)

Prime Day is pretty much known as “Instant Pot Sales Day” at this point, so we’d be surprised if one or more models weren’t on sale on the big day.

Air Fryers

We’ve covered air fryers a great deal this year, and it’s because they’re simply huge. We definitely expect to see at least a few models available during Prime Day sales.

Amazon Branded Stuff

Last year there were some excellent sales on Amazon Basics for the kitchen and beyond. There were also plenty of folks snatching up Echos, Kindles, and other Amazon devices. Since it’s an Amazon holiday, you can expect to find Amazon gear promoted heavily.

Sous Vide

Sous vide cookers aren’t as popular as other new-ish gadgets, but there is still a bit of interest out there. Last year we saw a few sous vide machines on Prime Day and are anticipating a repeat.

Keep checking back for the latest in Prime Day deals as we find them! For now, we’re leaving up our finds from 2018 so you can get an idea of what we might see this year!

2018 Prime Day Finds


Get the DUO60 for $40 off!

More stuff on sale:

Vitamix Blenders: Save on 3 of the top sellers

There are some additional Prime Day steals and deals worth mentioning as well:

The multicooker Crock-Pot 6 Qt 8-in-1 Multi-Use Express Crock is $30 off. 

Brewing station Keurig K-Cafe is $70 off for Prime Day. Get it for just over $100.

Amazon Basics

Select items from the site’s AmazonBasics line is already 20% off so this is one area to expect ongoing sales and perhaps even steeper discounts. Here are a few of the current deals worth considering:

Other Stuff

Sure, we’re covering all things kitchen here, but it’s worth noting that there are some screaming deals on items that aren’t totally relegated to the kitchen (but will probably be useful while you’re in there), including:

Plus, use your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa at Whole Foods July 14-17 and get 10% back!

Pre-Prime Day: What We’re Watching

Instant Pot

Last year, the best-selling Instant Pot DUO80 was marked down $40 and the year before over 200,000 units sold. It’s a pretty safe bet that there will be an IP sale of some sort — probably either the DUO 80 or 60.

You can also watch out for non-Instant Pot electric pressure cookers, like our fave, the Cosori 8-in-1 or any of our other top cookers listed here. The Cosori, for example, goes on sale often, so it’s a fair assumption that it will be a great deal on Prime Day.


Given the history of Keurig sales, it’s a pretty sure bet that there will be at least one model of Keurig single-cup coffee maker on sale on Prime Day. Right now, you can grab the popular K55 for $16 off or the fancier K575 for 20% off, so you can even get one before Prime Day if you’re in need.


Blenders are frequently on sale in the summertime anyway, so we’re keeping an eye on some of the most popular for Prime Day and the month of July. Here are some contenders:


Keep an eye out for popular kitchen brands to put numerous items on sale. We saw this last year with Le Creuset and Cusinart. We’ll update here as soon as we find out which specific brands to watch for this year.

Make the Most of Prime Day

Okay, look. It’s easy to get swept up in the madness on Prime Day, and the lightning deals and limited quantities make it feel even more high stakes the day of. I have a few tips to help you prep and (hopefully) avoid spending too much on stuff that might not be that great of a deal.

Install or use a price checker

I installed the browser extension Honey to help me be a more savvy shopper. It’s especially useful in Amazon because it tells you if there is another place that it’s cheaper AND it gives you the rundown on recent price changes. One yucky thing that often happens during events like Prime Day and Black Friday is sellers jacking up prices in order for their “sales” to seem like great deals. Honey and other extensions and apps can tell you if you’re about to be swindled.

Plan ahead

While part of the joy of Prime Day is seeing incredible deals on stuff you didn’t know you needed, it’s just a smart idea to plan ahead and set some ground rules. The easiest way is to start adding to your Amazon cart now so that the day of you can see if any of your must-haves are on sale. You can also add stuff to your wishlist if you’d rather.

Making use of apps (including Amazon’s), daily emails from Amazon and others who put together daily Amazon deals emails (there are a ton of sites that do), and buying guides that are kept up to date (like this one!) are also easy ways to stay up to date on the best deals. Subscribe or download anything you think you’ll use for Prime Day. And if you have Amazon devices, you’ll have an easy means of getting info and staying on top of lightning deals.

Make sure you have Prime

If you don’t already have Prime, be sure to sign up before Prime Day to make things easier. You can get a free 30-day trial (6 months if you’re a student!), so you can add it on anytime between now and then.

Happy Prime Day!


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