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Vremi 8-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set Review

Vremi’s cookware set is bound to impress you and your guests with style and cooking ability.

It’s not every day you see a ceramic cookware set that is flashy and reliable. Vremi’s eight-piece ceramic cookware set comes with two dutch ovens and one casserole pot plus their respective lids. Finally, two angled friers perfect for pancakes, omelets, or even pizza.


Vremi as a brand is heavily involved in all things kitchen related and aims to make cookware inviting and versatile. If you’re into giving your guests a show as well as a tasty meal, Vremi is a brand to make note of.

Vremi’s cookware combines looks, affordability, and safety that you’ll appreciate the more meals you cook.

The Set

On to Vremi’s set. This set comes in a couple of different color variations to choose from, with one being a little higher priced than the others. In terms of overall price, you get eight alluring items (five pots/fryers) for a little over $100 in a couple of colors.

You can cook or bake with these items up to 500 degrees. (UPDATE: The product information has recently been updated to say “Do NOT use in Oven or Microwave”). A high enough heat limit gives you the ability to cook a variety of specialties in whatever form you desire.

These pots and pans are safe for all types of stoves including induction.

The casserole and dutch oven pots have small openings in between the lids and bodies to allow for steam to escape. This isn’t a design flaw on part of Vremi but allows the pots to cook the food inside with care. When you’re done, you can serve directly from the pots themselves.

Despite the set coming with two dutch ovens and two frying pans, none of them are exactly the same size:


  • 1 Small Dutch Oven: 2.85 quarts
  • 1 Large Dutch Oven: 4.97 quarts
  • 1 Shallow Casserole Pot: 10.5 in
  • 1 Medium Angled Frying Pan: 9.4 in
  • 1 Large Angled Frying Pan: 10.1 in


One of the biggest concerns that people have about ceramic cookware is that it looks and feels primarily for decorative purposes. While there are specific items used for decoration, Vremi’s set is all about cooking foods thoroughly without ruining them.

The bakelite handles aren’t just for decorative purposes. They’re just as sturdy as metal grips. Even when they are fully laden with food, the pots are lightweight and easily handled.Regardless of their design, it’s still a good idea to wear oven mittens when handling these pots.

A notable quality of this particular set is that it is safe for the dishwasher and handwash depending on your preference. The marble coatings are scratch free so they can remain inviting through indefinite washings.

Ceramic Materials

Cookware constructed of ceramics are renowned for their environmentally friendly materials. Traditional non-stick metal cookware carries the occasional risk of toxic coating from lead and cadium.

Vremi’s entire cookware set is nonstick, which really works out with the frying pans. The base is aluminum and coated in ceramics to give it that nonstick feature.  As we mentioned earlier, you can try your hand at flipping pancakes and omelets alike without fear of it sticking to the bottom.


For the price, the eight-piece set really is a steal. Compared to the other sets on our cookware buying guide, Vremi’s is the cheapest and you still get five pots and pans. On top of that, you can customize your order in a couple of different colors.


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